Management Consultancy

Development of a Company

You would like to set up a company, a business enterprise, a freelance company or a non-profit organization, you are in a growth phase and want to invest or to pass on your company or parts of your company to the next generation or other investors, whatever you are planning, we will be happy to help you with words and deeds in any phase of the development of your company.

We‘ll support you in preparing business plans or investment plans, we advise and assist you with regard to financing negotiations or the search for an appropriate successor.

If you want to acquire a company or parts of a company, we’ll analyze the target business for you and accompany the negotiations with the seller’s side.

Regardless, whether your enterprise, a key supplier, a client or a competitor are in economic difficulties, our experts are available to help you to emerge from this crisis stronger than ever (see below: “restructuring and reorganization“).

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Corporate Management and Controlling

In small companies it is often not profitable to set up an own controlling department. But why should you dispense with a cost and activity accounting or a target-oriented controlling with the help of time and sector analyses?

Even for big enterprises with distinctive commercial departments the objective opinion of an experienced advisor might be worthwhile, e.g. to form a more informative controlling or to effect an independent risk- or profitability-analysis.

In combination with our broad experience in numerous projects and modern planning software we are able to set up an integrated budgeting connecting the profitability planning with the balance sheet planning and a monthly liquidity planning. It is irrelevant whether your financial accounting respectively your cost calculation is being processed via DATEV or via another system.

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Restructuring and Reorganization

Irrespective of the cause for a corporate crisis – of utmost importance is a quickest possible analysis and unerring action in order to avert further damage and to restore the stakeholders‘ (e.g. banks‘, suppliers‘, clients‘, employees‘) confidence.

In the majority of cases this can only be managed with external help. For instance, banks are often not allowed to deal in new credits without having obtained an expert restructuring opinion.

However, our assistance will not only consist of an analysis and an elaboration of a customized remediation concept but we are going to attend you during negotiations and with regard to the implementation of restructuring measures to improve liquidity and profitability.

If required, we can also support you in addressing investors. Should there already exist a statutory obligation to file an insolvency application which cannot be eliminated at short notice, we will look for convenient opportunities (insolvency plan, transferring reorganization), to preserve the corporation and to ensure existing values.

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